During the months of October and November, Enclave Land Art has collaborated and participated with some initiatives and commissions. 
We are always working on create new synergies and collaborations.
October 8th 2020
We collaborated in a commission with
 It was presented to the authorities of ‘Mancomunitat el Carraixet’ in Valencia (SP) the project ‘Arraigo al Agua’ by Seila Fernández Arconada commissioned by ‘Turisme Carraixet’ to promote the territory. 
This project was selected thanks to an open call for projects that Enclave Land Art launched under the topic ‘Km 0’. 

We created a committee, following the good practices, for selecting the final project composed by Amparela Benlliure, Vanesa Cejudo, Miguel Mallol, Jaime Pire and Noelia Rigoberto.
           “Arraigo al agua” (Rooting to water) 
by Seila Fernández Arconada 

Rooting to water explores the concept of the garden as a binding element to the territory, a local identity of the Carraixet community, and not only that, agriculture is the most binding practice to the land that exists since it made humanity sedentary, ingrained becoming the root of local care.

Water is vital for the existence of this territory not only traditionally but as we know it today, its ditches are veins that interweave its human and non-human inhabitants, such as vegetables, citrus trees, etc. Climatic elements such as the “gota fría” (cold rain) or the proximity to the sea promote this symbiotic relationship.

Water, therefore, is the center of this land art intervention which consists on four sculptural pieces like totem “planted” on the ground simulating a compass that interacts with the sun just as plants do, creating dynamism in their shadows. These “totems” are made of natural materials, mainly roots and branches brought by the sea and collected in the different seas /oceans of the Iberian Peninsula.

The materials are also painted with natural dyes from local vegetables such as beets, spinach, carrots as well as citrus fruits. The installation marks a “km.0” as the central element of this piece, the water, which is located in the center of this “wind rose” supported by a circular ceramic vessel buried in the earth showing the reflections of the landscape and its visitors.

This is the sound landscape that the artist created thanks to local inhabitants’ testimony inspired by the concept of the project.

Sound Landscape
Artist’s blog
Seila Fernández Arconada