ENCLAVE would like to do workshops along the two weeks of the residency, as well as during the month of July, in the different summer schools of the area. We know that Consorcio de Museos de la Comunidad Valenciana organises several activities in Valencian museums, but they usually remain in the great cities. We think on creating a NETWORK of knowledge. It is crucial to be able of building these experiences in projects as ENCLAVE is, and to engage small village’s children to enjoy the culture. In addition, we have to understand that there are loads of families coming from the city that, during summer time, come to the villages. We want to offer them an activity thought for them as well. It will increase the value of education and will give villages from Penyagolosa’s area, a chance to have a long stay tourism.


ENCLAVE wants to work with projects to engage surrounding’s schools, and to offer activities to reinforce the cultural programms of Valencian Community’s Natural Parks. For several years cultural activities have been done in those Parks such as tours and art activities. So, we would like to be part of the Natural Park’s cultural heritage and offer through our two land art routes, together with guided tours or workshops. Enclave believes in education as a powerful tool to transform society, for that reason we develop special courses to enable teachers to run arte projects on Art and Nature in their schools and to promote Enclave among them. We design this courses, with the CEFIRE Artistico-Musical from Valencia Government.