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Tourism of Carraixet, with the support of Diputació of Valencia and the artistic management of Enclave Land Art, launches an open call for the creation of a Land Art artwork which will promote and support sustainable actions around seven villages of a grouping of municipalities of Carraixet in Valencia Region. 

Tourism of Carraixet, in collaboration with Enclave Land Art and its commitment to contemporary art and sustainable creation, proposes the selection of an ephemeral artwork which articulates aesthetic, emotional and social links with the territory. The idea is to be able to create a Land Art proposal which allows for: “Taste l’Horta” as a tool and revitalising media of the product of gastronomic tourism and Camins del Carraixet to transform Tourism of Carraixet’s villages as a net to turn into the area as a cycle tourism slow, decongested of urban chaos and close to the city. 

Being inspired by the concept of place-space and territory that the thinker De Certeau describes in his book “The invention of the quotidian”, we thought about how to make through different actions starting with the creation of this Land Artwork, the idea of conquering the concept space as a “performed place”. We want to create dynamic actions that invite people to reconfigure the idea of the center, not as a concentric axis of territory, but as an identity coordinate, important and emotional. It reflects the essence of a place that’s being made and built through the people who generate it.

The Valencian vegetable gardens are thus, a peripheric place in the maps but essential for the understanding of culture and identity. The products that are being produced in their vegetable gardens are not just goods. They are an indispensable part of Valencia’s culture which express itself from its gastronomy, environment and unique territory, its irrigation system with small canals with a historic tradition. 

The idea thus is to propose a Land Artwork which considers the essential point of the territory, beyond of hegemonic cartographies, and which evokes a centre point according to Valencia’s identity.

Referring to Km.0’s concept, where the essential coordinates of this territory of Horta de Valencia are being created; the Land Art artworks that will be proposed will be, thus, representation and the starting point from where this action’s axis and attention of culture and personality of valencia will be generated 

We launch this open call ¨Km.0, L´Horta Valencia¨ to create an ephemeral Land Art piece offering a grant of 3.000 euros to cover trips, accommodation, production and artist’s fee (taxes included).

One project will be selected from all the received proposals. A committee of 5 professionals; – Jaime Pire, creative director of Copiloto Communication Agency, Miguel Mallol, Independent Curator and Director of Enclave Land Art, Vanesa Cejudo, researcher of contemporary culture, Amparela Benlliure, art consultant and Noelia Rigoberto in the representation of Tourism of Carraixet- will work to decide the definitive proposal following the respect of the good practices.


  1. Artists, visual and Land Art collectives of the Spanish and international territory who will present a proposal that demonstrates the knowledge about valencia’s reality and the concept and intention of the open call. 
  2. There is not an open call for foundations, companies or organisations with profit aims.
  3. The artwork’s production will be from the 22nd of September until 8th of October. This is the scheduled date for the press conference in which the artist should be present to explain the work. 
  4. The selected artist takes the commitment of finishing the project on time and with the resources specified in the open call. 
  5. The artwork will be presented and spread as part of the promotional actions of Tourism of Carraixet.  
  6. The artist will be in charge of the management, public presentation and promotion of the project, in collaboration with the organisation’s team, being invited to document the creation process to be disclosed by the organisation. 
  7. The selected artist should be free of charges with his/her country’s government or other aspects which could not allow him/her to get the fee. 


  1. Description of the project (up to 1880 characters), mentioning how it suits the valuation criteria of the open call. 
  2. A link to the artwork (with a description up to 200 characters max).
  3. C Vitae (2000 characters max).

 How to participate?

  1. The application will be sent through the compilation of the form you can find in this link: https://forms.gle/m9H6WpER7rWwJZRD9
  2. A commission of five professionals will be in charge of selecting a proposal: Jaime Pire, creative director of Copiloto, Miguel Mallol, Independent curator and director of Enclave Land Art, Vanesa Cejudo, researcher of contemporary culture, Amparela Benlliure, art consultant and Noelia Rigoberto in the representation of Tourism of Carraixet. 
  3. The community of villages of Carraixet promotes a selected artwork with a budget of 3.000 euros in the concept of trips, accommodation, production and fee for the artist (taxes included). From the total amount, 50% will be provided at the beginning of the production and the rest at the end after the reception of an invoice. 
  4. The artist will concede to Mancomunitat del Carraxet,  all the rights for use the images and contents of the artwork, in order to be spread in publications online or in the paper, on the internet and in the media, including the reproduction, distribution, public communication and any other necessary supports for promoting the open call and the event. 


  1. The proposals should be sent by compiling the form before the 19th of September 2020 at 23:59h. 
  2. The selected artwork will be published on the 22nd of September 2020 and it will be communicated by written to the artist, and it will be published officially in the organiser’s website.: http://www.mancocarraixet.es/ y https://www.enclavelandart.org
  3. The artwork must be finished on the 7th of October to be presented on the 8th at the press conference. 

Criteria of valuation

  1. Artistic and conceptual quality of the proposal. Up to 30 points
  2. Coherence with the concept of the open call. It should be related to the essential goal of the initiative, an ephemeral artwork in respect to the environment and inhabitants, within the Land Art artistic movement. It should be based on the idea of “Km0” proposed by the organisers. Up to 30 points.
  3. Knowledge of the proposal of the open call: Gastronomic culture, local products from the vegetable gardens of Valencia, knowledge about the history and idiosyncrasy of Valencia Region. Up to 20 points.
  4. The smooth development of timing and resources specified in the open call. Up to 15 puntos.
  5. Professional trajectory. Up to 5 points. 

more info:


The commission meeting on Monday, September 21, 2020, has selected the artist Seila Fernández to carry out the artwork “Km.0 of L´Horta de Carraixet”.

For any clarification you can write to: opencall@enclavelandart.org