Aims of the project

Enclave Land Art Residency is a project with international impact. Enclave collaborates with local inhabitants to provide a real and material benefit to the territory where it takes part. The goal is to increase the area’s resources and contribute to spread the idea, in a sustainable and respectful way, of thinking about nature and landscape as heritage.

Currently, ENCLAVE LAND ART has the support of local entities which believe in the project.


  • SPREAD, ethical values: respect to the environment, nature, landscape as cultural and natural heritage; promote the place and its surroundings.
  • TRANSMIT the care of nature and culture’s philosophy, practising this care as a good to support what we are destroying: the nature. We will work in the area and its villages to promote and stimulate this philosophy.
  • PROMOTE the tourism in a sustainable, responsible and ethical way.
  • CONTEMPORARY ART as reference, and linked to other cultural realities of Valencia’s Community.
  • REVITALISE the economy of the territory: contributing to create temporary and long duration’s jobs in the area. Creating an impact with local economy, promoting the place and spreading the name of the environment where it is within international circuits, linked with culture.
  • CONTRIBUTE to reduce the depopulation of the area with the creation of cultural, economic and social resources, to increase its value.
  • INCREASE SOCIAL COHESION with local and regional civic participation in the project.
  • TRANSMIT AND EDUCATE in the respect and artistic interpretation of the nature, applying learning and service technics.
  • PROMOTE CONTACTS with universities and schools of art and audio-visual.
  • CREATE a nest of debate and professional internships in Valencia’s Region.
  • GENERATE contents and cultural actions in Valencia’s territory to introduce and support the cultural network. Understand culture as a supporting process of the territory, with an itinerant exhibition, the documentary, conferences, presentations and guided tours in the entire region.
  • PROMOTE THE PROJECT therefore the territory in cultural forums all around Spain and internationally.
  • CONTRIBUTE to reinforce culture in Valencia’s Region.