Ana Meneses Project

My project is a performance with religious and pagan components, with the aim of putting together traditions and ancestral knowledge, as a syncretic action. It’s intended to be a participatory event in which we come back to ancient local practices and our own primal knowledge as humans in a contemporary manner, to re-connect with the fundamental experience of life. In order to achieve this, we will perform a pilgrimage route from the San Juan Bautista de Penyagolosa’s Sanctuary, to the Penyagolosa Peak, following a medieval tradition. Once we get there, we will build a pyramid using a solsticial rectangle based on that exact latitude, and use it to explore the effect of geometry in our bodies and within the space around us. Lastly, we will recite the “Gozos de San Juan de Penyagolosa”, traditional local poems, and have a talk to share our experiences.