Andrea Abbatangelo Project


Andrea’s project wants to hybridise the artistic practice with other experiences, mainly derivate by the observation of the landscape and small landscapist architecture. From these perspectives, his research was focused in the analysis of the surrounding landscape in order to detects the primary groups (woods, forestall environments etc…) uncontaminated by human activity, the residues (all the territorial portions not used by the human being, because they have been abandoned or have a difficult access etc…) and the secondary landscapes (which represent the geographical correspondence to the no-places of Marc Augé urban and suburban). The finality of the project consists in creating an environmental installation destined to determinate a small reserve, a Democratic Refugee, a place for the species which don’t find space in other places: some of them will be herbaceous (pioneer species) with a spontaneous origin which will open path in this new space of diversity.
The environmental sculpture consists in eight blocs of terracotta (which were produced working the autochthon earth, cooked in situ, and these contribute to obtain a gradual landscape of the territory in its new locus) which form a ring of two meters of diameter installed in the local land.