Armando Bolaño Project

Armando will depict the reality of the residence and the impact with local people and the environment where it happens. He recorded images for the film which will be the promotion of the region and the residency worldwide.

” In September 2010, I visited the Valencian Community. In this occasion was a studies’ trip to present my project for the grade of Specialisation in Cinematographic Innovation and Development of Projects at the International University of Valencia. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. However, the real discovering started when a friend of mine and companion of studies, the journalist Xavier Latorre, invited us to visit the city of Castellón and its surroundings, Vilafamés, the Natural Parc of Penyagolosa, among other treasures in the area. The impact with the eco-system was such huge, that the group of fellows, filmmakers and producers each of us, proposed ourselves plenty of enthusiasm, that we would come back to make a film in this location, which is a powerful character for their historic, cultural and social attributes. Nowadays, the Program of the Residency Land Art in Vistabella del Maestrat, opens me the possibility of make this dream comes true. I want to represent visually this territory as a character with a basement that resist the pass of the time, which could be shared and socialized freely in Spain and other countries of the world”.