Artist 2021

Elena Redaelli

Elena Redaelli moves along a fluid edge where craft, ecology, social practices and relational aesthetics merge. Artistic research and production extend the singular towards diffused, nomadic sites for encounters, discovery and memory. Her approach is based on a deep relationship with the place (site responsive, environmental art) and society (participatory projects). She explores the matter, transformation, processes of generation and decay involving different levels of control and challenging the boundaries of authorship and active intervention. Sometimes the material takes the lead; other times, the participants or the environment itself does. Valuing, researching and using ancient practices: hand-weaving, knitting, crochet, felting, embroidery and papermaking; she cares about environmental sustainability, studying and promoting natural, recycled and local materials. 

She holds an MFA from UCA, London and a degree in Sculpture from the Rome Fine Art Academy. Since 2009 she’s been working as a professional artist, exhibiting her work internationally and developing her practice through several residency programs.


LIDIA MENEGHINI is designer & artist who develops her projects between art and theater, mixing sculptural, collage and eclectic fashion elements which emphasise the structure of each piece created. 

After seven years of workshop in sculpture, Lidia graduated in 2012 in Arts and Entertainment at IUAV (Venice). At the same year she won a scholarship for the master in “Bag Design and Product Development”, at IUAV, Venice. 

In recent years, the background training in sculpture and experience in theater and the collaboration with CTRLZAK Art & Design studio (based in Milan) have been the occasion for the development of their professional skills. 

Her works are in the field of cross between design & art and crafts. To develop every project Lidia tried to merge in all work the different disciplines in which she is specialized: often she use collage to develop a theme or create an idea, with careful construction and composition of the image to reach a coherent final solution.

In 2016 she moved to Valencia, Spain, where she still collaborates in the costume department of Palau de les Arts Opera theater.

Matthias Neumann

Matthias Neumann is an artist and architect based in the USA and Germany. His projects have been presented at venues such as Manifesta 8, the National Museum of Contemporary Art Romania, Queens Museum, Jule Collins Smith Museum, the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and Arte Laguna at the Venice Arsenale, among others, in addition to a significant number of public art installations throughout the US.

He is the recipient of the Kaplan Director’s Award of the Cape Cod Museum of Art,, and a fellow at Mac Dowell Colony, the Lower Austrian Architecture Network, I-Park, and Vermont Studio Center. He currently teaches at the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College New York.

Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist living in Berlin. She works primarily in painting, sculpture, and installation. She brings a skepticism of the anthropocentric viewpoint of the world into her current work in order to shed light on different opportunities to perceive the world and all the beings incorporated within it through reinterpreted old ways and patterns of thinking. Her work focuses on sustainability, community, and rethinking the way in which we consider the natural world in order to illuminate how nature itself is intertwined into our being.

Harris worked in conjunction with the Hands On Centre of the Art Gallery of Ontario from 2013-2015. She holds a BFA in Drawing and Painting from Ontario College of Art and Design. She is currently researching on several constraints regarding medicinal plant life, mycological questions, geological formations, wood species, and conservation concerns. Furthermore, she’s involved in intersectional ecofeminist and anthropogenic discourses.

Álvaro Porras Soriano

Álvaro Porras Soriano (Ciudad Real, SP, 1992) deploys his artwork exchanging symbolic and somatic codes by practices related to experiences and art in public spaces . Like some kind of historical tale, his work make inroads through painting as a writing process into conceptualism, action and subtle interventions.

He studied Fine Arts’ Degree at Cuenca’s Faculty (UCLM), Master in Visual and Artistic Practices (UCLM) and Master in Contemporary History and Visual Studies (Museo Reina Sofía + UCM). He had worked in cultural development projects such as Internet Moon Gallery and Espacio Blanco Blanco. Currently, he is PhD student in Art: Production and Research at UPV and he works as a cultural mediator and educator at IVAM’s Mediation Team.

David Orrico

Teacher, designer, musician and multidisciplinary artist, David Orrico develops his work as a scenic designer covering a wide variety of genres.
He has a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV and in Scenography from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático RESAD in Madrid, as well as in Design for Performance at the University of the Arts London. He currently maintains a constant activity in research and teaching related to the performing arts, music or installation art.

Jordi NN

Jordi NN (1985) was born in Valencia, Spain. He studied multimedia arts in different art schools – design, photography, video, conceptual art as well as classical arts – sculpture, painting and drawing. Jordi received a B.A. from UPV, Valencia, after studying several years in UCM, Madrid and USAL, Salamanca.

Since 2010 Jordi NN has participated in international exhibitions and also in interdisciplinary art projects in different countries like Taiwan, Norway, the U.S., the Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, etc.

In recent years Jordi NN is more known for his monumental ephemeral site-specific installations, where the elements and especially the fire play an important role. 

Artist Statment

As an artist that belongs to the Anthropocene epoch, my works deepen into the comprehension of the human being and his relationship between the World and Nature. The way I develop and mature my artistic concepts involves different layers which I consider to be very interesting. Nature, science, history, mythology and traditions are essential. The more I research, the more connections I find between beliefs and facts, symbols and languages.

At the current epoch when everything runs so fast that people usually are not able to stop and have a look around, I invite people to reflect on where they are, where they come from and what direction they are heading to. I feel the need to provide aesthetic tools as a bond between the past and the present, at the same time aiming for the future. An intimate encounter occurs through an object that sometimes acts as a temple of the mind and sometimes as an offering ritual experience. A real-life encounter is composed of the forces of nature and the world of ideas.