Carmela Cosco Project


Over the centuries we have suffered an increased/decreased development regarding consumption and social values. The human being in his contemporaneity has “collided” with their own moral responsibilities, forgetting that civil ethics are part of every single person who, intentionally or unintentionally, is related to each other and to the earth. Modern life has brought a lot of apparent wellbeing but in reality, there is crushing us slowly right in the absence of critical consciousness that is no longer part of our daily lives. Based on the thought of the sociologist and theorist of emotional intelligence Edgar Morin, my research is strongly linked to the nature of work, the man and his behaviour as well as its shortcomings. My project idea was to play a vascular system that being branched on a wall, and these blood vessels were only elements found in nature. We sap of the earth, our blood flows the essence of this world, and what we put in place.