Concept of ‘Enclave 2016’

Enclave wants to recall the transitory character of the territory during the Reconquista, that was used overall as a common path for transhumance and migration. This allowed the area to preserve its archaeological remains in forms of paths, tracks and lanes which anyone can finds in the territory of Maestrat. We can name the paths of pilgrimage of Saint John, the lane of the Star or the Roman Bridge. This territory, due to the low density of population that have habitated the area along the centuries, has been favoured in the conservation of fauna and flora as well as its archaeological rests in detriment of human development. This is a problem which has been extended in neighbour communities, but in the area of Vistabella has been a constant against which the Vistabella’s inhabitants have fought from the middle of XX Century, as a consequence of ‘La Plana’s’ industrialisation.

Thanks to the intervention of some institutions and people, the area remains alive. Enclave wants to contribute artistically in a symbolic repopulation which brings people to the territory and increase the value of the natural and cultural existent environment. The artistic residency in Vistabella turns around the concept of coexistence between people from all over the world and the local inhabitants. The result is a legacy which represents the materialisation of this concept of communion between individuals and the start of an artistic relationship with the territory.