Concept of Enclave Land Art 2018’s Residency

The first Edition of Enclave Land Art, was focused in the human being and the interrelation within a rural context. Nature was represented as a heritage and bond of traditions and habits, as well as a reflexion about the sensation of belonging to a place’s, and this place to its inhabitants. Thanks to a historic research of the territory, Enclave wanted to point the focus in the density of population’s problem, proposing a symbolic artistic repopulation.

In this second edition of Enclave Land Art, located in Peyagolosa’s Natural Park, nature will have even more importance. The concept will talk about the relationship of human being with the nature, considered as a living element, which has been interpreted from all civilisations from the beginning of the times. They represented and tried to explain these phenomena, which didn’t understand, in a sacrum, mythological or scientist’s way. The key point of the residency will be nature as a symbol, and the representation that contemporary art makes of it nowadays.

There are two iconic points which characterise the natural park and enlighten the two versions of this symbolic representation made by human being: San Joan and Santa Ágata’s sanctuary and Penyagolosa’s peak. These two representative places lead to routes, legends and devotions along the centuries. Following this symbolical idea, Enclave proposes to celebrate this residency during summer solstice, on the 24th of June, the shortest night of the year and when these two kind of allegories happen at the same time thanks to pagan and religious rites.

Playing with these two elements and their iconography, the artists will make an interpretation of these signs and what all this millenary’s symbology means to them, bringing it to their own research within Contemporary Land Art’s context.