Helga Pavskan Project

I would like to contribute in colaborative process, with final product – specific narrative and photo material. The process will be compiled of interviews –not excatly documentaristic, yet -open, deep, i.e. taken in ethnographical method (anonymously or voluntarily with name). Narrative part would be diary with photos and notes, stories from interviews, framed by theory based on cultural analysis, dedicated to
context; nature -people -sacred -landscape -art- myth- purpose.

Encouriging but not interrupting interviews would along with photo & theory make concrete interesting essay, usuful for popular-scientific presentation on different media and periodical reviews.

Open interviews/ talks taken on terrain have possibility to inspire artists more. For instance – supposing that artists in Penyagolosa Natural Park could consider themselves as being on journey that will make difference in their life, more-less transformational change, such conversation could invoke that awareness. E.g. if somebody is more occupied by moment of summer solsticium; the story will start from there, or the same if somebody is more connected with sanctuaries- made by people or just spaced of nature, or dedicated to mother Earth; talks would just encourage.

Some issues; how artists feel or consider necesitty in humans, or their own, depending on narratives &visuals in understing and constructing lives/ purposes? ‘Constructing’ means creating new things and viceversa, understanding patrimonial, by reconstructing those values. Backuped in mostly phenomenal theory and experienced in direct land-art, research will give new perspective on shaping sort of old and contemporary myth, sacral within everyday artistic skills and pararel work on issue- how artists prolong those arhetypal values that they feel/understand…Special attention as one part of research is given to nature as allpervasive phenomenon.

So, I find Enclave project as one that could definitely strongly help me in my continuous research; supplying it with real people and their creative resources, and involving me personally completely. In turn to Enclave project I would give – deep research of process- recorded and analysed in written popular- scientific work/ essey form (in english and in croatian languages), as well as collage diary form. Those works will be applied for ethnographic and/or university periodicals, or linked with their pages.