Hui-Ying Tsai Project


Habitation is a nomadic performative site-specific installation project that involves the study of local site. I travel around the world to built a nesting structure around my body using local materials in public. Each piece will response to local natural environment, architecture, history, and urban development.

I have been an active interdisciplinary artist for over 10 years. rough my career, my focus and media went through several stages: from self-exploration (inward) to living condition (outward); and from representative to presence. Since early 2016, I started a new performance piece as part of my everyday life. The collective theme in my work has been about border. No matter it is the border of a tangible space, spiritual realm, social or political territory, the boundary is constantly influx and always being recreated and altered. Territory is such a fragile concept that is created along with the fundamental survival need. Human even desire to claim the ownership of nature, and create all kinds of invisible borders to limit others and self. I want to tell natural/cultural stories about the communities via my works.