Justin Tyler project



G(N)ASH is part land art and part installation. The installation breaks the homogeneity of the landscape to create a hybrid that is both environment and architecture, establishing a symbiotic relationship between nature and culture.

Built into the face of the landscape of Penyagolosa’s Natural Park, it affects how the environment is perceived. As viewers look upon it, the work becomes many things simultaneously: an engineered structure working with the environment; human being-made architecture to be used by animals as an artificial cave to hide from the sun and rain; a stitched wound in the land; and it also appears as a toothy grin, personifying the landscape as an entity which is then easier to empathize with. The structure utilizes the unique form of the local landscape in Penyagolosa’s Natural Park as an asset to be worked with, preserving its basic shape while also modifying it. Art/engineering, natural/artificial, conceptual/representative, as well as environment/architecture all converge through G(N)ASH .

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