Milagros Arias project


The proposal consists of building a solar observatory with the intention of returning to an ancestral rite made by different cultures of the world that maintained a close relationship with the sun and their natural environment. The sculptural installation will be made with natural materials found and collected along the way to the chosen point, which should be on top of a hill of Natural Park Peñagolosa and the orientation will be from east to west, corresponding with the cyclical movement of the sun. This location is strategic, because it has to be positioned in such a way that it aligns to the sun at sunrise and sunset, otherwise it would lose the status of a solar observatory.

The act of traveling, walking and pilgrimage are practices that are strictly involved in the project, as part of the artistic process and as an aesthetic aspect in itself. It is relevant to consider that the dates coincide with the summer solstice season and the day that I will begin construction is June 28th, the night of the full moon.