Rosie Leventon Project


Currently she is much interested in such structures as Wind Towers, Dovecots and Pottery kilns – the sort of buildings not much in evidence in our modern world.

Enclave for her means something enclosed and separate from normal streets and houses. It is quite small, a shelter, perhaps private and inaccessible, a refuge and a place of safety for some minority group.
An enclave seems slightly exotic, standing apart from normal everyday society.

Her ideas for an artwork could use material from the well known Ceramics Industry of the region of Valencia and Vistabella. The red clay products such as bricks and roof ceramic tiles are much in evidence and would be ideal when used with mortar for building the walls, using traditional materials but in a new way. It would be a circular tower- like piece with an open brickwork design in its highest part to allow the circulation of air, and its material and building methods should connect it to the locality. There is a wood structure or armature in the inside, and a glimpse of the interior may be possible through a narrow window.