Silvina Soria Project

Pilgrimage. From the Series Inner Territories

The possibility of working at Penyagolosa Natural Park, set me in the mood to connect with nature on a ceremonial way and at the same time to open a dialogue with the pagan, the religious and the public.

‘Pilgrimage’ From the Series Inner Territories, consist on building a stone labyrinth around a central structure- kind of temple to the sun or altar-, where people can walk through. The idea is to create an experience both aesthetic and playful that gives us the opportunity to think about our personal journeys, as a symbol of life itself and its obstacles, on how much can we decide on our own path, and how much comes from outside.

Departing from ‘Los caminos de Penyagolosa’ that enable the pilgrims to reach a place of worship and ceremony, this labyrinth will expand as a rhizome, alluding to the history that characterizes Penyagolosa and Sanctuary of San Juan, not only from the religious side but also as the search and inner strength that moves us all humans.

A labyrinth is a universal and spiritual symbol that represents the path of purification in the search for the center of oneself. In the Middle Ages it symbolized the pilgrimage on the arduous path to reach God. And the labyrinth can also be a space of ornamental purposes for recreation. That is what I intend to generate in this opportunity, to develop an eclectic and participatory intervention in which each one can give their own
emotional value.