Carmela Cosco (Catanzaro, 1989) in 2013 obtained a Degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro, then attends the second level in the same Academy of Sculpture. Multi-faceted and multi-material, her work ranges between various ways of expression with no technical issues or limitations. Her main research is based on sculpture and installation, but does not neglect the interest in painting and drawing. Often her works have a connotation with the space as a dialogue with the place where they are, adopting the site- specific way as a solution. Her work is always regards social issues, focused particularly with extreme criticism about all consumerist dynamics and the direct consequences on the individual. In her artistic research, her landscape is her mind, able to seize the thousand grades of a communication addressed to falsehood, where she describes the story of a life lived in search of truth. She plays with wisdom and intimacy, as well as with the values of a borderline society, trying to measure the small tracks that still can help us to be placed in the right way.