François Davin

François Davin

French and Australian artist, Born in Paris 1945,
Knighted in 2000 “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres”
International Deputy of the French Visual Artists Union,
Honorary President of Artists in Nature International Network.

Initially, his sculptures, paintings, engravings, artist books, were presented in salons, art fairs and museums, in France and abroad. 3 galleries in Paris and New York State presented his pieces in personal and collective shows, including FIAC Paris.

Since 1991, Francois Davin restricted his creation to site-specific art. For him, it means a succession of “acts of art” in a dialogue with the places for which he creates. He believes that these acts, sort of ceremonies, can help reveal, balance, heal (?), those places. The images that remain are merely traces, permanent or ephemeral, of these ceremonies. Often, his images ‘rediscover’; lost or potential myths: he calls that ‘Mythical Archeology’. He invites the inhabitants of the sites to share his acts of art.

He has created more than 120 large scale site-specific pieces on the 5 continents. The most important ones are:

  • 1983 “Icarus Wing”, France.
  • 1991 “The Golden Tree of Broceliande”, Brittany, France
  • 1993 “The Field of Vendée’s Memory” and “Peace for the Trees”, Medal City of Paris. Creation of the artists-medical cooperative action “Act of Art, Work of Healing”.
  • 1994 “The Rest of the Giant”, France. Co-creator of “Sculptors and Territories”.
  • 1995-1996 Creation of the International symposium “Le Vent des Forêts”, principal art in nature event in France, and model for more than 50 projects worldwide.
  • 1997 “The Forgotten Sleeping Village”, France
  • 1998 “Battling Sky, Peaceful Land”, Switzerland, and “Tree Souls rest Horizontally” Poland
  • 1999 “Spuren-Menschen2, Germany “Soul Containers” and 2Sailing Back Home2, Poland. Creation of “Artists in Nature International Network”.
  • 2000 “Water Sanctuary”, Germany, “Interrupted Cycle”, Canada, “La Capilla de Las Caobas” Dominican Republic. 32+32=2000 et +, Mythical Archeology, Light-Shadow, France
  • 2001 “The Sleeping Quarry, Belgium, “Errare Humanus Est”, Italy, “Sleeping Tree, Eternal Rest”, South Korea, “2000 Souls Reclining Woman”, Australia, Le Chant du Lieu, La Recluse, France
  • 2002 “The Lady of Hiki” Japan, “Tirage après Prolongations”, “A l’Assaut des Remparts”, “Saint
    Sebastian and Saint Roch”, “Défense”, “Blue Water Line”, France
  • 2003 “Chrisalys-Sarcophagus”, Netherlands, “Help” Korea, “Bathing with Mary” Australia, Womb
    Temple” Japan, “To the Shepherdess”, France
  • 2004 “A la Belle Etoile”, Sweden, “Nature Back Together?“ Sth Korea, “They Rose from the Water” Netherlands, “et libera nos a malo”, “Inside-Outside”, “The Labirynth of 80 Trees” France. Creation in Australia of 2 site-specific projects involving international artists and farming communities: Farming with Mary and The Salt of the Earth.
  • 2005 “Foundation”, and “Water Catchment”, Australia, “Hiki” Japan
  • 2006 “88 Visual Prayers on the Pilgrimage of Shikoku”, Japan, “Feeding” Australia, “Le Chevalier Gabion” and “La Recluse II”, France.
  • 2007-2008 “Sand Ripples”, 3000 m2 sand blasted concrete along a street, Noosa, Australia
  • 2007-2011 “100 visual prayers around” sea sailing from Australia to New Zealand, Western Polynesia, Sth East Asia, India, Sth Africa, Brazil, Panama, Polynesia.
  • 2012-2015 Rebuilding of a XVIIth century house in the mountains of Gran Canaria, “Encuentro Pacifico”, Spain, “The Birds’ Ark”, France, Organization of artists-fishermen event “Tufi’Arte”,
    Spain. Conceptor and coordinator of “2°C”, international event part of ArtCOP21. Guest speaker at a number of conferences, including the 2015 International Sculpture Center, Phoenix, Arizona, Re-organisation of Artists in Nature International Network.
  • 2016-2017 “In Memory of Wonhyo” Sth Korea. Writing the book: “A Few Steps on the Edge of
    the Sky”. Several videos about environmental issues.