Sunčica Pasuljević

Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić is a media artist, cultural worker and researcher who currently work at New media department at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. As an artist she is interested in different ways we communicate to each other and our environnment. She is exploring this through visual semantics and psychigeography in her projects: Semantic-psychogeography and Journal of semiosis. She has exhibited across Serbia, Italy, BiH and Finland.

As a cultural worker and researcher she is interested in our virtual environment and data. She has been working in NGO sector where she implemented and organized various projects in area of contemporary art practices, IT, art&science that dealth with this subjects. As a project manager at Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – NAPON she organized projects such as Techno – Ecologies, Mapping of digital cultural heritage, Society, art & technology – Open school for creative ideas etc.

Sunčica Pasuljević PROJECT