EMMANUELE PANZARINI was born in Padua in 1984.

His research encompasses photography, sculpture, digital art and installation, with special attention to the site-specific interventions. He graduated of the three-year and a specialist DAMS in Padua, he spent a year as an Erasmus student in Bilbao: these experiences have influenced his beginnings as a photographer. The early works are characterized by the use of architecture as a language to interpret the space around us, using different techniques and devices based on the specific project. He later developed a collection of photographic works that increasingly found an installation as a strong medium of expression. Using Google Maps and Google Street View as tools of investigation, he analyzed the many changes of the territory made by humans to meet their own needs. In the last period, the installation has become his predominant art field. To stimulate the audience, making the subject involved, is one of the requirements of his research, especially for environmental installations of important dimensions.

He has exhibited in several cities, in Italy and abroad, including: Ancona, Annecy (FR), Belfast (UK), Bologna, Como, Genoa, Hamburg (DE), Mantua, Marseille (FR), Milan, Padua, Rome, Thessaloniki (GR), Trieste, Verona and Vicenza.